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  • Intertek- A Bold New Brand Identity

    Total quality assurance & ATIC services in Bangladesh Total Quality. Assured. These words succinctly capture Intertek‘s purpose and its commitment to becoming the leading global Total Quality Assurance provider. Addressing representatives from a range of industries including leading retailers, brands, manufacturers of apparel and footwear companies at an event to mark the launch of Intertek‘s […]

  • Critical Path Method

    When planning a process in your factory, how do you identify which activities in your process should be given priority status when it comes to resource allocation and time management efforts? How to ensure the process runs smoothly without any bottlenecks? The answer lies in CPM or Critical Path Method. Where’s the bottleneck? Critical Path […]

  • Inspection Process in Apparel Industry Part III

    Let’s get to the basics: Inspection process in apparel industry Part III   My last 2 articles on inspection focussed on the pre-production and during production inspection processes. This is the last article of this series on inspection processes in the apparel industry which focusses on the final audit done by the buyer before shipment. […]

  • Les Enphants Dressing the Children of Tomorrow with Lectra Fashion PLM

    Customer Story Challenge: Les Enphants was originally established in Taiwan in 1971. After expanding to mainland China in the 1990s, the company carved out a sizable niche for itself in the country’s childrens wear market. Today, the Shanghai-based company’s Les Enphants and Nac Nac brands are sold in 1,788 retail outlets across China and its […]


    NEW EXCLUSIVE INDIGO YARNS FOR SEAMLESS DENIM FASHION Technology for the still growing athleisure market | by UNITIN UNITIN, indigo yarn specialist, is adding and offering on stock service a new exclusive yarn, the Ne 30/1 Compact Cotton “S Torsion” Indigo 11 (Inverse Torsion). This new yarn’s main applications are Seamless Technology and Circular knitting. […]

  • Inspection Loop During Production

    Let’s get to the basics: Inspection process in apparel industry Part II In my last article, I explained the inspection processes adopted in apparel factories before the start of actual production. This 2nd part of the article highlights the inspection processes during the course of actual bulk-production. The famous book ‘Managing Quality in Apparel Industry’ […]