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  • Italian Leather Chemicals

                  Smit & zoon acquires Italian leather chemicals producer Codyeco Smit & zoon, global supplier of wet-end and finishing leather chemicals for tanneries, has announced today the completion of the acquisition of Italian leather chemicals producer Codyeco. Providing a full range of leather chemicals – including wet-end, finishing and beamhouse products […]

  • Smit & Zoon Patent Application

     Smit & zoon files patent application on bio-based leather retanning chemicals. Smit & zoon first leather chemical company to use lignin modified polyphenolic leather chemicals. Smit & zoon just filed a European patent application for ‘lignin modified polyphenolic leather chemicals’. This makes Smit & zoon the first leather chemical company to use lignin modified polyphenolic […]

  • Workshop to Build Bangladeshi Apparel Brands and Sell Abroad

    Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), a private initiative to promote Bangladesh apparel industry, is going to the organise a workshop on how to develop an apparel brand. The day-long workshop titled “How to Build Your Own Apparel Brand and directly address to European & US Consumers” will be held on July 29 at Gardenia in Dhaka. […]

  • Intertek- A Bold New Brand Identity

    Total quality assurance & ATIC services in Bangladesh Total Quality. Assured. These words succinctly capture Intertek‘s purpose and its commitment to becoming the leading global Total Quality Assurance provider. Addressing representatives from a range of industries including leading retailers, brands, manufacturers of apparel and footwear companies at an event to mark the launch of Intertek‘s […]

  • Critical Path Method

    When planning a process in your factory, how do you identify which activities in your process should be given priority status when it comes to resource allocation and time management efforts? How to ensure the process runs smoothly without any bottlenecks? The answer lies in CPM or Critical Path Method. Where’s the bottleneck? Critical Path […]

  • Inspection Process in Apparel Industry Part III

    Let’s get to the basics: Inspection process in apparel industry Part III   My last 2 articles on inspection focussed on the pre-production and during production inspection processes. This is the last article of this series on inspection processes in the apparel industry which focusses on the final audit done by the buyer before shipment. […]